IPS System

About us

I.P.S.Systems S.r.l. is a Genoese engineering company, operating in the field of Information and Communication Technology.
Our team boasts a ten-year old experience with hardware and industrial platforms, that allowed our company to create a business aimed at creating ICT systems from the foundations.
We offers to our clients complete and advanced solutions, based on modern virtualization technologies at the service of the current operating systems Linux and Windows; furthermore our company pays close attention to the research of hardware, server and of all IP devices at the service of the customer.
80% of our client portfolio operates in the field of elite tourism: this field has particular requirements (due to the 24hour service) that need the employment of high-quality technologies in order to improve remote control customer service.
Our concepts are at the service of automation, of informatics and human security management and of the integration of non-homogeneous worlds: the development of software applications is right focused on this last perspective.
Our software are realized in order to develop applications turning attention into access control and anti-intrusion devices.
In the wide range of our software platforms, some of them stand out for their relevance; here are some examples: Wi-Fi systems management, organization of catering companies and the consequent food traceability, management of meeting rooms and convention halls of big hotels, management of e-currency in the field of food&beverage service and development of web sites.
These software platforms are realized with the purpose of demonstrating the logical approach to the software itself: our aim is – in fact - to complement applications with hardware, in order to offer the customer a complete system.

Our current core business consists in the combination of automation systems with the know-how in relationship with the planning of IT systems.