Our commitment
in Information and Communication Technology

I.P.S.Systems S.r.L. is a Genoese engineering company, operating in the field of Information and Communication Technology.
Our team boasts a ten-year old experience with hardware and industrial platforms,
that allowed our company to create a business aimed at creating ICT systems from the foundations.
We offers to our clients complete and advanced solutions, based on modern virtualization technologies
at the service of the current operating systems Linux and Windows; furthermore our company pays
close attention to the research of hardware, server and of all IP devices at the service of the customer.

Information services
and system automation for all companies

Supply with technology

Dedicated to large commercial customers and BIG YACHTS

Recreational boat market develops quickly and shipbuilding industry produces ever bigger boats,
equipped with the most sophisticated and innovative technologies.
Apart from basic services – such as power and water – also internet connection, telephone network, TV network and TV-Sat are supposed to be standard services.