IPS System

Supply with technology

Dedicated to large commercial customers and BIG YACHTS

Recreational boat market develops quickly and shipbuilding industry produces ever bigger boats, equipped with the most sophisticated and innovative technologies.
Apart from basic services – such as power and water – also internet connection, telephone network, TV network and TV-Sat are supposed to be standard services.
Thus the reception of these boats in the touristic ports is not only a great challenge in the immediate and long term future, but also represents an important development resource for the industrial and services companies of the area.
Attention has to be focused on mooring but also on the quality of the available services, especially the technological and energy ones.
For this reason we have created IPSS SCOUT Automation column: this device is characterized by strength, convenience, safety and innovation.
If used in synergy with hardware and software created by IPPS – SCOUT allows to connect big yachts to the wide range of facilities offered in a modern marina; both users management and marina management are simple and accurate. Innovation in port reception is already a reality.
The creation of SCOUT Automation (Supply and Control Operation UniT Automation system) has been made possible by our experience in IT and automation world.
It is a port services provider dedicated to large commercial customers and big yachts: in fact it supplies sanitary water, electricity, web and TV services in an automated and remote-controllable way. It’s a consumer-friendly, safe, solid and universal system.
SCOUT Automation “Power TW” model is made of AISI 316 L stainless steel and is composed of a Master unit, a A400-S unit to divide sanitary water and energy supply and a basic unit for floor anchoring.