IPS System

Video surveillance and video analysis platforms

The Video surveillance platforms we offer are not just video recorders.

We believe that modern video surveillance should be a smart tool
able to interact independently with the scene and with the operator.

For this reason the technology we propose is based on two levels:
1. Video surveillance on virtual platform
2. Video analysis
The characteristics of the systems that we offer:
1. They capture and record the scene.
2. They analyse the information collected.
3. They manage portions of the scene in an intelligent way, such as simulating gates, doors, bars.
4. They react to situations that occur using the rules that are included in the system.
5. They enable the display of images in real time and the recovery of the movies recorded on MOBILE DEVICES.

Our platforms are certified from hardware to software.
Our video surveillance platforms are integrated with the access control system and modern anti-intrusion systems. For us, service is a mission.
Not enough to design and implement systems must keep efficient ...