IPS System

Design and realisation of Personal Cloud
oriented Data Centre Iaas

We believe that data and their processing are an integral part of the core business of the modern companies


1. They must be available and accessible wherever there is an internet connection.
2. dThey must be processed quickly following the continuous updating of new application development technologies.
Our first goal is to manage data in an environment:

There is no virtualisation without hardware infrastructure

The hardware is the floor on which data lay; virtualisation technology is software, which also exists only if hardware hosts it.

Our data centres are designed according to two models:

1. Small and medium-sized enterprises: Data centre designed to attract a real personal cloud "at home", namely:

  • We design the platform most suitable to your needs.
  • We dimension the data network and the system power.
  • We dimension the server hardware and the networking.
  • We install, configure and test hardware/software systems and power.
  • We provide the 24/7 maintenance services with SLA customized according to your needs.

What you will get is a system that can allow you to host the modern and flexible virtualisation technologies at your premises and benefit from them both on-site and remotely.

2. Micro enterprises: Hosting data centre, we calculate and manage your cloud resources in remote data centres providing a dedicated and secure connectivity between your offices and the remote data centre.

Data centre as a service "what we call IaaS"

For our medium/ large customers we are capable to deliver a new SERVICE model at your venue.
You provide us an air conditioned room and we do the rest:

  • Data centre design.
  • Data network design.
  • Power lines design.
  • Maintenance contracts with hardware vendors of server and networking.
  • Hardware and software purchase and maintenance.
  • Hardware and software implementation and configuration.
  • Installation, configuration and test of the personal cloud platform meant as virtual servers and native services of this technology.
  • 24 hour maintenance.

All these activities for you become a fee revenue service.
This way you have your home data centre but you don't have to think about anything except using it.
You will always have the best that the market can offer to manage your DATA without surprises.