IPS System

Advanced Wi-Fi systems

and system automation for all companies

It is the simplest and most versatile solution to manage access to a telecommunication network.

Through a CAPTIVE PORTAL IPSS platform the accounting of your network becomes simple and customizable.
No matter if you are using a wired or wireless network; you can still have full control of the user interface.

CCAPTIVE PORTAL IPSS allows you to create an account in dialogue with an existing personal ,
data base or using a data base internal to the platform.
It allows your customers to access the Internet with credentials:
1. chosen by the user independently via a web wizard.
2. fornite personale del cliente attraverso login e password originate casualmente.
In entrambe i casi citati i Vs. clienti riceveranno le credenziali:provided to the customer's personnel through login and password randomly generated. In both cases, your customers will receive the credentials:
1. on paper tickets delivered by your staff.
2. sent by SMS.
3. capturing a QR code with a smart phone
4. taking advantage of an Rfid Tag to be used in special kiosks set up to provide internet credentials.
You can manage access to the internet network of your users, with different classes of membership, divided by type, time, or amount of data downloaded
Each user group can be configured to assign a bandwidth quota configurable according to your allocation criteria.
Internet bandwidth consumption may be limited based on prepaid thresholds.

CAPTIVE PORTAL IPSS is the ideal software for businesses, organizations, Wi-Fi hotspots and accommodation facilities of any size.

Our Wi-Fi hardware platforms are all based on the new fourth generation technology that uses a controller and "ac" technology to manage all Access points.
No more problems of:
1. Devices Roaming.
2. Channels management.
3. Shaded areas.
4. Management of a high number of devices (meeting rooms, conference rooms).
5. You can get to 1GBit/sec speed within your Wi-Fi network.
6. You can manage virtual LANs and channels to segregate the different types of mobile devices.